Our campaigns

Learn more about our current campaigns and join us in demanding a fair deal for farmers and workers.

Fairtrade New Zealand works hard to spread the word that trade often isn’t fair. We campaign to raise awareness of the needs of producers in developing countries, share the good reasons to buy Fairtrade products and to persuade policymakers to change the fundamentally unfair trade system.

Here you can find out about some of the big issues we are campaigning on and how you can get involved. 

  • Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 preview

    Fairtrade Fortnight: 7th - 20th August 2020

    Fairtrade Fortnight is about people coming together to support farmers and workers around the world. This Fairtrade Fortnight, we’re highlighting the unique and simple difference we can all make on people and the planet by choosing Fairtrade. Find out how you can make a difference.

  • Choose Fairtrade and take a stand

    Bring on better with Fairtrade

    With a wide range of Fairtrade products available, it’s never been easier to make a difference. Be part of that difference today!