Fairtrade Innovation Fund

Have an innovative Fairtrade-related activity or idea to get off the ground? Maybe the Fairtrade Innovation Fund is for you!

The Fairtrade Innovation Fund is a grants program offered by Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand. The Fund’s aim is to strengthen the Fairtrade movement by supporting innovative ways of raising public awareness, and harnessing the powerful creativity of conscious consumers and Fairtrade advocates.

The Fund mobilises thousands of ethical shoppers, sustainability-minded supporters and Fairtrade advocates across Australia and New Zealand through the activities run. In turn, that helps to increase the benefits for Fairtrade farmers and workers in developing countries.

How does it work?

The Fairtrade Innovation Fund runs on a half yearly funding cycle. The next tranche will open 1st July 2018, in time for Fairtrade Fortnight applications.

To be assessed for eligibility for this grant, you’ll need to email a completed application form to info@fairtrade.org.nz 

You will receive a confirmation when your application is received, and we'll let you know if you're successful within six weeks of submission. Incomplete applications cannot be processed so please ensure you have provided all the necessary information when you submit yours.

To find out more about eligibility criteria download the Guidelines Fairtrade Innovation Fund.

Then when you're ready to apply, download the Fairtrade Innovation Fund Application Form.

We can’t wait to hear your innovative ideas for spreading the love and benefits of Fairtrade!