25 March, 2019

Easter 2019: Check out your Fairtrade chocolate options [and where to buy them!]

A selection of Ferrero's Easter Eggs
by Iain Strachan

Easter may be just around the corner, but it isn’t all about the eggs.

Our friends at FerreroWellington Chocolate Factory, Bennetto, Green & Black’s, Whittaker's and Serious Food Company have some amazing treats on offer that are too tempting to turn down.

You’ll find these goodies and other Fairtrade products in supermarkets like New World, Countdown, Commonsense, Farro Fresh, Huckleberry and in independent shops. So what are you waiting for?

By supporting Fairtrade at Easter, you’re empowering small-scale cocoa farmers in developing countries to improve their lives and livelihoods, invest in their communities and control their futures.


Ferrero have some wonderful treats on offer this Easter, including mini eggs available in both hazelnut and cocoa flavour, and the star of the show, a Ferrero Rocher Squirrel.

A Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolate squirrel

Wellington Chocolate Factory

Wellington Chocolate Factory’s Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg is a classic that never wants to go out of style. 

House-made brittle caramel and Marlborough sea salt atop house-blend chocolate. Simple, sweet, delicious! 

The packaging of a Wellington Chocolate Factory salted caramel egg


Keep the goodness coming courtesy of Bennetto.

They create chocolate to feel good about – organic, Fairtrade, vegan, carbon neutral and made with simple ingredients!

From intense dark to toasted hazelnut, there's a Bennetto bar for everyone.

A range of Bennetto chocolate products

Green & Black’s

Green and Black’s is made using the finest Fairtrade certified Trinitario cocoa beans to create a rich intense taste. 

The combination of cocoa mass and cocoa butter allows the chocolate to melt beautifully and cleanly in the mouth, revealing intense bittersweet chocolate aromas.

A bar and tray of Green and Black's dark organic chocolate


It's true that Whittaker’s care an awful lot about chocolate. But they also care about supporting the communities around them.

They have Fairtrade certification for two of their most popular 250g blocks – 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk and 72% Dark Ghana. The cocoa beans for these blocks come from the ‘Kuapa Kokoo’ Fairtrade cooperative in Ghana.

A selection of Whittaker's Fairtrade chocolate

Serious Food Co

Serious Popcorn's Dark Chocolate Drizzle marries organic & Fairtrade chocolate with sweet & salty popcorn.

Their ingredients listing couldn’t be simpler: organic popcorn, minimum 55% organic and Fairtrade cocoa, organic coconut oil, hand popped, seasoned and drizzled to foodie perfection.

Treat yourself all year round to something sweet without the guilt. 

A packet of Serious Popcorn

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