A cup of tea is a daily ritual in the lives of millions throughout the world – and millions depend on it for their livelihood.

“The premium you give us is helping. Life is now smooth. Tea is our source.” 

- Peter Kinarra, tea plucker. Chemase Estate, Rift Valley region, Kenya.

Tea originated in China thousands of years ago and today is a global billion dollar industry.

Small-scale tea farmers account for a large proportion of tea production in many countries, such as Kenya and Sri Lanka, and the number of women employed in the industry makes them vulnerable to exploitation when wages are low. These farmers sell their freshly-plucked green leaf to plantations or tea factories for processing into black tea, but they have little power in supply chains controlled by large companies. Not only are they vulnerable to low and fluctuating prices, but they can also lack agricultural tools, such as fertilisers or irrigation, to improve to the quality of their crop.


Where can I buy Fairtrade tea?


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