People all over the world rely on it to wake up, yet many of the 25 million small-holder coffee farmers who depend on it for their livelihoods struggle to survive.

Coffee is known as a highly volatile commodity, with wide price fluctuations year to year. This is due to coffee production being highly dependent on weather conditions, susceptible to disease and influenced by a range of other factors. For the 125 million people globally whose livelihood is dependent on it, this is bad news.

By supporting Fairtrade, you’re empowering small-scale coffee farmers in developing countries to improve their lives and livelihoods, invest in their communities and control their futures. 


Where can I get Fairtrade coffee?


Altura Coffee

Altura Coffee is 100% New Zealand-owned and operated. That means no big corporate approach or overseas agendas, just world-class, perfectly roasted, award-winning coffee.


Grounded have embarked on a journey to create high-quality coffee that not only improves the lives of coffee-growing communities, but also protects and restores the health of the planet.
  Honest Coffee Co

Honest is a small company with big ideas. They want people to drink capsule coffee that’s great for our planet.

Prima's passionate team of coffee drinkers use their extensive experience to craft a comprehensive range of blends and single origins.

Kokako, who believe that innovation and sustainability are intertwined, offer a depth of knowledge from the coffee farm right through to the coffee cup to ensure they can provide you with consistent, quality coffee.
  Good Fortune

Fairtrade beans begin their journey in all corners of the world ready to be shipped to the people at Good Fortune eagerly awaiting their arrival.

iCoco's coffee is hand-picked and mostly shade-grown at high altitudes in some of the world’s best coffee growing areas.

At Kush, they roast, blend, sell and serve delicious coffee. Just about all Kush coffee is not only Fairtrade but also organic and shade-grown.
  Wild Bean Cafe

All of Wild Bean’s coffees are made using premium quality, 100% Fairtrade certified beans that are ground in the cafe, then made into the coffee of your choice by their trained baristas.
  Segafredo Zanetti

Segafredo Zanetti’s Tiktak Organica Fairtrade Dark Roast is a blend of top-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee, organically harvested from Mexico, Peru and Tanzania.

Founded on the belief that organically grown products produce a superior taste, IncaFe coffees are all certified organic, Fairtrade and shade-grown at high altitudes.
  Robert Harris

Great coffee can only be produced if the ingredients are excellent and the process is perfect. Making sure that happens every time you visit is what drives everyone who works in a Robert Harris Cafe.
  Kawatiri Coffee Roasting 

Kawatiri Coffee Roasting choose to roast only Fairtrade coffee, because they think farmers the world over should get a fair deal for their hard work.

Hamodava Coffee has returned, grown the way it was always grown – with the utmost care and a century of expertise, and with the same intent of sharing what is made, with the ones who make it.
  Havana Coffee Works

Havana Coffee Works roast onsite, a variety of exclusive blends and many 'country of origin' beans, and continue to roast hard-hitting beans. Love the beans, love the hit!
  Halo Coffee

Fresh, locally roasted Halo coffee - perfect for a pie stop, awesome for the office drive in and a great choice for that 3pm coffee shout. Pretty much any time’s good to grab a Halo!
 Bruno Rossi
  Bruno Rossi

Inspired by Italy's love affair with Espresso, Bruno Rossi is rich, dark, handsome and 100% Fairtrade certified - everything a good coffee should be.

   Z Energy
  Z Energy

Z Energy's 100% Fairtrade blend creates a distinctly intense, rich espresso coffee.


Through their Master Roasters, they are dedicated to sourcing, roasting and delivering the best single origin and blended coffees in New Zealand.


Coffee is a profession and a passion for David Burton, as one of New Zealand's most experienced fresh coffee blenders, he has helped to create the benchmarks for great coffee.
  The Village Roaster

The Village Roaster is an established coffee roasting facility specialising in Fairtrade and organic roasted coffee.

  Jail Breaker Roastery

Jail Breaker Roastery started a business to give consumers, producers and their communities a vehicle to make the changes in their lives that they want to see in the world.
  La'vita Coffee

La'vita is 100% Fairtrade organic coffee roasted weekly in Palmerston North. La'vita was started in a back shed and through word of mouth alone has bloomed into a thriving coffee roasting hub.

  Monsoon Coffee

With 15 years of local and international award-winning experience, you can be confident Monsoon have got the best equipment, the best coffee and they know how to roast it.


Coffix started as a small kiosk on Karangahape road in Auckland, and within just a few weeks it became a hit. Their blend is 100% Fairtrade, 100% Organic and 100% Arabica.
  The Scarborough Fair logo    Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair's Fairtrade Original Blend Instant Coffee is 100% Fairtrade Certified. Original Blend has a herbal and malty aroma with high acidity, that is balanced with a clean aftertaste, giving it a vibrant flavour. Available here.
Macro    Macro

What's inside matters to Macro. They use handpicked, ripe coffee cherries to bring you an organic coffee that's grown in the Andean mountains of Peru. This coffee is certified Fairtrade and its production is certified Climate Neutral.
  Gravity Coffee     Gravity Coffee

Gravity Coffee is committed sourcing and building long term relationships with our friends in growing countries who produce some of the finest coffees in the world.

 Orb Coffee    ORB

Orb respect and value each element of the coffee making process; from the sourcing of high quality grades of green beans, through to the final, divine extraction that produces an exceptional cup of coffee.

  Maven Coffee   


Maven create custom coffee for their clients businesses using Fairtrade beans. Find out more below.

 Jeds Coffee    Jeds

Jed's has a coffee for everyone, whatever you feel like, whatever the time or situation. It's all great coffee. Go on, pick one.

Fairtrade Climate Neutral Coffee

Fairtrade Mark with Climate Neutral lockup

Climate Neutral Coffee

Fairtrade Climate Neutral Coffee not only helps fight climate change, but also ensures benefits for communities in developing countries. A delicious product, that contributes positively to our world.