Fairtrade bananas are an easy and healthy way to support Fairtrade. 

We're all bananas for bananas. Kiwis eat more than any other country - on average 18kgs per person per year - and for millions of farmers and workers in tropical countries, growing bananas is their livelihood.

As a simple snack or a delicious cooking ingredient, we can change the world bunch by bunch. Fairtrade bananas are showing the industry that there is another way to do business, with fairness to farmers, workers and the environment at its heart.

“These bananas are different because they protect our families, our community and our environment. They create a new life for my country and a new culture in your countries.” - Silvia Arevalo, El Guabo Fairtrade banana farmer, Ecuador.

Why buy Fairtrade bananas?

The banana industry is worth billions of dollars, but workers and farmers receive only a fraction of that value.

They are vulnerable to sudden changes in price and must also face the growing impact of climate change.

Click here to find out more, and remember to choose the Fairtrade Mark when you buy your bananas. 

Where can I get Fairtrade bananas?


All Good believe Fairtrade shouldn't be a special term. They think all businesses should be fair. 

That's why they've worked hard to bring you Fairtrade bananas from the El Guabo cooperative of small-scale farmers in Ecuador. 

Choosing All Good bananas does more than just making trade fairer, it makes a difference to the lives of growers, their kids, our kids and the land.

A Kiwi bird with a banana beak promoting All Good


From their plantations to you, BanaBay nurture their products to give you the very best. For today’s busy consumer, eating healthy is as simple as picking up a BanaBay product designed for those on the go.

For BanaBay, being part of the Fairtrade system is all about ensuring that workers and farming communities in developing countries receive a fair price for their produce and enjoy decent working and living conditions.

The yellow and blue logo of BanaBay


Purefresh Organic are part of a growing community of people who care about what we feed our soils and our bodies.

Their fruit and veggies are grown by organic growers who rely heavily on their knowledge about ecology, soil fertility, crop rotation and weed and pest control, and who believe that working with nature will generate a higher quality product that's better for the environment and all our families.

Vegetables on a table promoting Purefresh Organic                               

Get under the skin of the banana industry

In May 2017, Basic (The Bureau for the Appraisal of Societal Impacts and Costs) released ‘The Big Squeeze’, a report commissioned by Fairtrade, to investigate banana production in Ecuador and the Philippines - the two main sources of bananas in New Zealand.

The report highlights that over the last decade the growing power of retailers and increased competition between large fruit companies to remain "preferred suppliers" has led to growing pressure on small banana farmers and workers. 

These farmers have seen the dollar value of each box of bananas sold in New Zealand remain relatively flat, whilst their living costs have risen by 75%. 

As a result of this unsustainable trade, banana growers and plantation owners are forced to cut corners, which has significant negative social and environmental consequences, such as cancerous pesticide exposure for workers, price manipulation, environmental degradation and suppression of workers’ rights.

The report shows how Fairtrade supports banana farmers and workers and contributes to a sustainable banana industry, helping to reverse this negative market trend.

Click here to read The Big Squeeze

Unripe Bananas grown by El Guabo cooperative