In your community

There are lots of ways to get active in your community to raise awareness of Fairtrade and, in turn, support farmers and workers in developing countries.

Running an event?

A great way to raise awareness in your community is to hold an event – whether it be big or small. This could include holding a stall at a market, having a bake sale at your school, or arranging an awareness raising morning tea.

Here are a few resources which you can download for this purpose to help get you started:

‘What is Fairtrade’ brochure

Make 'the Fairtrade switch' card

The Power of You - event poster

Fairtrade cotton brochure

Stand up for what you believe in poster

Working Towards Gender equality brochure

Looking to get involved in an existing activity?

Another great way to support is to get involved in a Fairtrade campaign. To find out more about what’s happening and for ideas about what you can do, visit our campaign page.

Looking to become a Fair Trade Community?

The Fair Trade Association can help you with this. The Fair Trade Association of Australia & New Zealand (FTAANZ) is an independent, member-driven organisation which facilitates the growth of the fair trade movement by supporting Fair Trade Communities including universities, schools, workplaces and faith groups.

To find out more about how to become a Fair Trade Community and for support with this you can visit their website at

If you’re also looking for support in the procurement of Fairtrade certified products as part of this process, we – as in Fairtrade - can help connect you with the right people.

What’s the difference between Fairtrade and the Fair Trade Association?

We understand this can be confusing at times. Here's how to tell us apart.

Fairtrade works directly with producer groups and businesses which sell Fairtrade certified products. Fairtrade certifies against rigorous international standards, and products can only bear the Fairtrade Mark if these standards have been met. We also run campaigns to promote understanding of the issues that Fairtrade works to address and encourage support through the purchase of Fairtrade certified products. This is always written as one word – Fairtrade.

The Fair Trade Association facilitates growth of the fair trade movement and promotes not only our Fairtrade certified products, but also the World Fair Trade Organisation and other fair trader programs. This is written as two words – Fair Trade. The movement is also described by two words – fair trade.